Learn to code and earn college credit

Students who graduate from Carolina Code School (CCS) will have the opportunity to work with Greenville Technical College to receive academic credit hours through prior learning assessment. CCS graduates can earn up to 12 credit hours.

How it works:

Greenville Technical College will work one-on-one with Carolina Code School graduates who want to pursue further education. Here’s what the process looks like for our graduates: 

  • Fill out an application for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) through Greenville Tech’s Computer Technology Department. 
  • Meet with the academic department chair, who will assess each graduate’s proficiency through a simple exemption exam, and determine how many credit hours will be awarded. 
  • Academic credit hours will be added to your academic record, and you’ll be enrolled as a student at Greenville Tech (if not already enrolled). 

Possible course exemptions:

Graduates from CCS can apply to receive credit for courses like Web Programming (3 credit hours), DHTML and JavaScript (3 credit hours), Relational Database (3 credit hours) and Introduction to Information Technology (3 credit hours).

Want to know more?

We're happy to send over more details about how you can earn college credit after taking our Immersive Course. 

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