Code playground at Stone Academy

by Joel Taddei

This week I attended two coding focused sessions at Stone Academy here in Greenville. The first was to meet with parents of the K-5 aged students so we could discuss why familiarity with code is important and ways they could engage their children's interests in coding, without being programmers themselves. There were many good questions and they were clearly interested in incubating their children's passions. 

On Friday, I spent the day with three groups of students grouped by K-1, 2-3, and 4-5th grade.  They were all magnificently curious and eager to learn and play with the coding games we had ready for them. The K-1 group helped me make a Peanut Butter sandwich by programming me step by step. The 2-3 group spent their time programming a cartoony robot to navigate around it's world and turn lights on, and the 4-5th grade group enjoyed pushing their computers to the limit by making art with Scratch.

It's always such a pleasure to get to work with young children and let them play with code andIi'm glad I got the opportunity to work with Suzy Dover and Stone Academy to help their students feel comfortable with coding and technology. 

Lelia King