Welcome Carolina Code School ambassadors

Carolina Code School Ambassadors!

Carolina Code School Ambassadors!

Who better to speak to the value of a high-quality code school education than someone who has been through it before? At Carolina Code School, we are honored to have a group of over 20 ambassadors - all of whom have been through code school and are excited to help prepare and mentor a new generation of developers in the Upstate!

These ambassadors have agreed to serve as guides for prospective and current students, and also to represent Carolina Code School as they live and work as professional developers. They'll visit our classes and attend events - so if you see one of these green shirts in a crowd, be sure to stop and say hello. 

Welcome our Carolina Code School ambassadors:

Hannah Hendricks
Caroline Verticchio
Alex Martin
Justin Hathaway
John Baldwin
Davis Crain
Christina Cornell
Timothy Bell
Jenn Bowers
Emily Wivell
Andrew Rymer
Jennilynn Howell
Hope Paasch
Dylan Gregory
Tommy Huynh
Anna Impson
Joe Moran
Pierre Lafierre
Jamie Doyle
Kara Mansel
Connor Redmond
Grayson Hicks
Bill Gardner

Lelia King