Winter 2019 Graduates

Congratulations to the graduates of our Winter 2019 Web Development Immersive program. Each graduate completed a project using the skills they learned in the course. See below for more information about each graduate’s final project, including the technology stack they used.


christina roberts

Efficient Emergency

Efficient Emergency streamlines the efficiency and accuracy of communicating lifesaving information during a medical emergency. The application allows a dispatcher to receive real time pictures from the scene and make critical decisions about priority, level of injury and needed equipment to be dispatched.

Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JavaScript (ES6), React, React Bootstrap, Amazon S3 Buckets, Twilio API, PostgreSQL, Heroku

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Isaiah santillan


Narava is a photo sharing site for those that love to explore nature. Nature lovers can search for photos of locations in an area, see an interactive map of a location, and upload photos of their favorite spots. Uploaded photos with embedded GPS coordinates from a GPS enabled camera automatically get located on our maps.

Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JavaScript (ES6), React, GPS Photo, Google Maps Reverse Geocoding API, S3 Buckets, Heroku

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janeen scott

Kind Regards

Kind Regards is a messaging platform that pairs students of similar ages living in cities where the quality of life index differs by a significant margin. Through connection, students can learn about other parts of the world and explore multiple and diverse perspectives.

Python, Django, Django Rest Framework JavaScript (ES6), React, React Draft Wysiwyg, React Bootstrap, Amazon S3 Buckets, Amazon S3 Bucket, Teleport API, PostgreSQL, Heroku, SCSS

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seth williams


Streamlined allows you to browse movies and shows from multiple streaming services, and lets you organize the things you want to watch into different lists. This makes it easy to find the shows you want to watch, meaning less browsing and more watching.

Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JavaScript (ES6), React, React Bootstrap, Guidebox API, Amazon S3 Buckets, Heroku, Semantic UI

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jessica woolard

Pet Space

Pet Space is built for pet parents who want to share information about their pets, including name, pictures and general home location. Owners may also fit their pets with a QR code tag that, when scanned, will load the pet's Pet Space page - a helpful tool that can help reunite lost pets with their owners.

Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Django QR Code, Pillow, JavaScript (ES6), React, Google Maps Geocoding API, Twilio API, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Bootstrap, SCSS

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