Fall 2018 Graduates

Congratulations to the graduates of our Fall 2018 Web Development Immersive program. Each graduate completed a project using the skills they learned in the course. See below for more information about each graduate’s final project, including the technology stack they used.


victorio cabrera

Movie Finder

Using IBM’s textual personality analysis, Movie Finder matches a user with a critic with a similar personality. On the basis of that match, it recommends movies.

HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, IBM Personality Insights API, Open Movie Database API, and Nokogiri

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matthew casedonte


Bookcrawler takes user-uploaded books and processes them with Natural Language tools to generate keywords that then connect books across the app, so users can explore meaningful links between all books uploaded.

Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Standford Core NLP, Nokogiri

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emma converse

Life Pawtners

Ever see a cool dog or cat and want one just like it? Using IBM Watson’s Visual Recognition program and Petfinder’s API, Life Pawtners allows users to upload images of animals they think look awesome to find local adoptable cats and dogs that are similar to the animals they love.

Ruby, Rails, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React, jQuery, Petfinder API, IBM Watson Visual Recognition API, Google Maps API

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lewis cruz

Food Mapp

Food Mapp is a restaurant review app which cross references users’ “likes” with cities, states, and countries in which they have resided. A user can search for nearby pizza places and see that a particular restaurant has received a number of “likes” from folks who once also resided in Chicago.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Google Maps API

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ryan cusick


ChatFix is an app designed to connect you with local professionals at the click of a button. By answering a few quick questions, you will be connected via text message to local professionals that will give you their rates and availability.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, IBM Watson Assistant API, Twilio API

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katie fricks


Sunroom allows plant lovers to trade plants with users near and far—and learn a little about each plant in the process.

Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Postgres, Rails, React, Sass

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Final Project: AffordDBMD

AffordDBMD helps diabetics and their loved ones access local, affordable diabetes testing and medical supplies. It also gives users access to events and resources specific to diabetes.

Ruby on Rails, Capybara, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Twilio API

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caleb mcquaid


WeCompete is a cross-platform fitness competition web application.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, ChartJS

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jessica phillips

Granny’s Recipes

Granny's Recipes allows you to add, share and save your family’s recipes. When you’re done, you may create your own custom cookbook.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, WickedPDF

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adam pittman


LookHear uses visual recognition to create a playlist based on specific concepts pulled from an uploaded image.

IBM Watson API, Musixmatch API, Spotify API, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Devise, Bootstrap

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Meenakshi Radhakrishnan

Breed Finder

Breed Finder uses IBM Watson's Visual Recognition service to identify the breed of a dog. Instead of payment to use the app, we ask users to help train Watson further by identifying breeds of three dogs before they upload a dog photo.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, IBM Watson Visual Recognition API

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Heart Black Art

Heart Black Art is a Rest API designed to allow users to search for black artists in the United States. Use of the API will allow users to easily search and discover visual artists with a sample view of their work, locations, and social media presence for future communications and investments in art work.

Ruby, JS, Rails, RSpec, Devise, Postgres, Heroku




Ostomy Angels Donate and Swap

The mission of the Ostomy Angels Donate and Swap group is to provide unused ostomy supplies and educational resources at no cost (other than shipping) to ostomates in need. The Ostomy Angels Donate and Swap site provides a means of connecting those who have unused supplies to donate with those who need supplies.

Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Devise, ActionMailer, SimpleForm, ActiveStorage, Google Maps API

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